A quick look at our printing process

I would just like to show you a simple three colour design for one of our Lucky Thirteen biker T-Shirts during the screen printing process

A black T- shirt is loaded on the Platen on our Bench printing line


Then the first white base colour is screen printed onto the T-shirt. This is a discharge Ink that actually discharges or put another way 'bleaches out' the T-Shirts black dye and replaces the black Ink with new white ink.


Next we screen print the Yellow Ink, this time we use a water based rubber Ink.

Then finally the third and final screen print of water based red is applied to the shirt




If you notice the white discharge ink doesn't look very vibrant. This is normal and the ink doesn't pop out until it has been heat treated.

Finally below is the finished T-Shirt after heat has been applied to cure the inks.

Here is the link for the shirt in our store Mens Ladies