How we started out...

How we started out...

A long time ago in a country far away....

Well quite a few years ago when I was a just a youngish Man I visited Thailand for a bit of a break. My intentions were to stay for 6 months and return back to the UK. One thing led to another and before I knew it 15 years had passed and I was still there! 

I wont go into to too much detail about my time there apart from the fact that I had settled down and met a wonderful woman who I married and had a baby boy (who is now 14 years old-at time of writing). I am happy to say we are all still very much together and a happy family.

Getting back to screen printing. While I was there I belonged to a motorcycle club, I wont mention names of my MC but I am still a member to this day. As I'm pretty good at graphic design,  I would be the one to come up with the designs for our club shirts and logos but then we would have to farm out the designs to local screen printing companies.

Being naturally inquisitive I started to  investigate the process of T-shirt Screen Printing and how it was done and the possibility of printing our own shirts in-house..

Watching all the videos on YouTube made it seem like it was going to be an expensive setup. 

Thailand being one of the textile capitols of the world, there is an abundance of screen printing shops.

I quickly found that over in Thailand and other parts of South East Asia, their methods made screen printing quite a simple process. 

There was quite a lot to learn, with colour separations, pan-tones, cmyk colours, half tones but it wasn't long before I started to get the hang of things and was printing some respectable T-Shirts.Now fast forward a couple of years I'm back in the UK and the owner of this little eCommerce store called